Sample of Cretan island’s terroir great potential combined with modern methods of winemaking. A pleasantly aromatic and refreshing white wine from the local variety Vidiano.

A white dry wine from a very promising Cretan variety, Vidiano. Results from 100% free-run must, following a skin contact procedure. It is characterized by an aromatic strength, a well-developed body with gentle finesse, and a very enjoyable and fresh aftertaste. It should be served at 12ο – 14οC and can perfectly match with greasy fishes, rich summer salads, and saucy white meat plates.

Vidiano 100%
Maturity: 6 years
Best with: Greasy fishes, rich summer salads and saucy white meat plates
Alc.14,0 οC
Serving Temperature: 9-11 οC

Unique variety, unoaked, full body with a gentle finish.


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