The new entry of the single varietal range of the winery. A worldwide recognized variety is attached to the unique characteristics of the Cretan terroir.

Assyrtiko fermented in stainless steel, harvested out of two Cretan vineyards in the areas of Astritsi and Peza, at an altitude of 350 meters. Light color, crystal-clear with citrus flowers aromas, rich body
characterized by pear and apple flavors. Typical mineral and crisp acidity, well-structured white wine with an aftertaste long in intensity and time that matches perfectly with fish, seafood, and summer salads. It can be kept in the bottle for at least five years.

Assyrtiko 100%
Maturity: 3-5 years
Best with: Crustacean, fish plates, shells, summer salads
Alc.13,0 οC
Serving Temperature: 9-11 οC

Crispy, well-structured, mineral with 6,4 acidity, born in Crete.


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